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Devices facilitating patient diagnostics awarded with Gold Medals of the Salmed Fair


An electrocardiograph with a pulse oximetry module, a pressure recorder with special software or a modern otoscope – manufacturers of such innovative medical solutions are the winners of this year's Gold Medals of the Salmed Fair. The fair organized from 23 to 25 March is the most important event for producers, sellers and buyers of highly specialized medical equipment in this part of Europe. The Gold Medal winners are producers from Poland, which is currently one the most dynamically developing markets that provides technological equipment for hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices.


AsCARD Grey v.07.305P electrocardiograph with pulse oximetry module and ASPEL 308 ABPM v.101 pressure recorder with ASPEL 508 ABPM v.101 software – these are two solutions awarded with the Salmed Gold Medals, created by Aspel, a Polish company involved in designing and production of specialized medical devices and operating in the market for the 36 years now.

Improve the work of diagnostics

The main advantage of the electrocardiograph is a significant acceleration and improvement of the consultant's work, as the examination ordered in the office using the computer program is transferred to the ECG machine, which is located in the treatment area and which sends the results automatically after completing the examination. In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the electrocardiograph allows the patient's condition to be assessed immediately and appropriate steps to be taken to save health and life. On the other hand, the pressure recorder enables the assessment of arterial blood pressure using the oscillometric method in adult patients, especially pregnant women. It features intuitive functions, facilitating the work in clinics, hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist offices. It also cooperates with the most popular hospital systems in Poland.

"Our company has been actively participating in all editions of the Salmed fair. Receiving successive awards allows us to implement our further, consistent strategy and to effectively respond to the challenges of the world around us. It is an additional opportunity that allows us to build a competitive advantage. It is a chance that opens the way to achieving even better results" – admits Bartosz Lach from Aspel.

Gold Medals were also awarded to a wireless, ultrasonic height and weight measurement station, as well as a medical lifting scales by Charder Ltd (Shop for a Doctor) that do not require any special connection, and the LuxaScope Auris CCT LED otoscope by LUXAMED.

Each year, these special awards go to Polish manufacturers of medical equipment submitted to the medal competition, who are exhibitors at the Salmed Fair.

The Gold Medal awarded by the MTP Group at the SALMED fair is of particular importance. The jury appreciates those products that have a real impact on modern medicine and the patient's well-being. Of course, the award also means a package of benefits for the exhibitor. "Increased interest in the awarded devices usually results in increased sales or gaining new markets by their producers" – says Paulina Pietrzak, director of the Salmed Fair.

An independent commission selects the winners

The winners of the Salmed Gold Medals are selected in a very demanding procedure managed by a special commission. It consists of experts in both technology and medical treatment. As every year, they face a difficult task: to award the most promising and effective, especially for medicine, solution.

"Every two years in Poznań, we take part in SALMED, which is a presentation of devices and instruments for equipping clinics, hospitals, medical offices and laboratories" reminds Professor Stefan Sajdak, chairman of the Competition Jury, Deputy Director of Medical Treatment and the head of the Surgical Gynaecology Clinic of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital of the Medical University in Poznań. He points out that this is not only a promotion of the best products, but also a presentation of innovative technical ideas aimed at facilitating professional medical care and the use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods by great number of patients.  "SALMED enables medical professionals to check the latest technological achievements and facilitates the positioning of the best companies in this difficult market" he underlines that only the best participate in SALMED. "From these outstanding participants, the Jury selects laureates to be awarded" indicates the Professor, congratulating this year's laureates. "I am deeply convinced that participation in SALMED 2022 will contribute to their market success" says Professor Stefan Sajdak.

Polish manufacturers are growing in strength

The market of specialized medical equipment manufacturers in Poland is one of the most attractive in this part of Europe. According to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the sale of Polish medical devices, and especially equipment, on foreign markets is constantly growing. In just 5 years, the exports doubled, reaching nearly EUR 2.5 billion in 2019. Sales of medical technological solutions to countries outside the EU is almost equal to the sales on EU markets, which in previous years dominated in exports. 60% of their sales are products and solutions exported abroad. The advantages of Polish products undoubtedly include high quality combined with an affordable price, reliability, compatibility with products from other manufacturers and flexibility in approaching customer requirements. The main categories of products include orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment, medical and veterinary tools, hospital furniture, equipment for operating theatres and intensive care units, as well as diagnostic devices (x-ray machines and ultrasound scanners), disposable equipment and recently - also telemedicine devices and services. They are appreciated in many countries, including the USA, Germany, Denmark, UK, Russia, China and Mexico. Some Polish producers are global companies, already selling their products to nearly one hundred countries on five continents. Most of them are small and medium-sized companies - such as the winners of this year's Salmed Gold Medals.

Salmed Fair - a springboard for market success

The Salmed Medical Equipment Fair, organized on the premises of the MTP Group, is the most important event of this type in Poland and it presents the latest technological achievements of the Polish medical market. This year, Salmed will start on March 23 and will last until March 25. It is also an opportunity to establish and maintain direct contacts between manufacturers or sellers of technological solutions used in medicine and their buyers, i.e. health care institutions or specialist doctor's offices. Their focus is always on innovation combined with functionality. This year, 130 manufacturers and distributors of specialized devices and medical equipment have announced their participation in the fair.