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Gold medals SALMED 2022 awarded!


Traditionally, even before the start of the SALMED fair, we get to know the winners of one of the most prestigious and recognizable fair awards in our country - the Gold Medal of the MTP Group. The competition appreciates innovation, creativity and modernity. The submitted products and services, which will be presented at the fair stands, stand out on the market thanks to their quality, technological and functional values. See what solutions will set medical trends in 2022! Choose your product and vote!

After the session of the Competition Jury, the Gold Medal of the MTP Group of the International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Equipment SALMED was awarded to five products. Until March 20, you can vote in the Gold Medal Consumers' Choice Competition. We encourage you to vote! Choose the best product at SALMED 2022!

CHARDER MS4980 Wireless ultrasonic height and weight measurement station

Charder Electronic Co., Ltd/SKLEP DLA LEKARZA Sp. z o. o.

Patient measurement in 3 steps 1. Sterilize the platform and if necessary enter the weight deduction before tare. 2. Scan the user and patient ID or enter the data manually using the touch screen. 3. Measurement of weight and height will be performed automatically, and the data will be transferred immediately to the hospital IT system.

AsCARD Grey v.07.305P electrocardiograph with a pulse oximetry module


AsCARD Grey electrocardiograph, thanks to its wireless functions, considerably simplifies communication between ECG laboratory and HIS, and meets the requirements for archiving electronic medical records indispensable for healthcare computerization. AsCARD Grey electrocardiograph with pulse oximetry module is designed for non-invasive measurement and display of functional oxygen saturation level of haemoglobin in arterial blood (SpO2). In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the electrocardiograph allows the patient's condition to be assessed immediately and appropriate steps to be taken to save health and life.

MHS2710 Wireless medical lift scale

Charder Electronic Co., Ltd/SKLEP DLA LEKARZA Sp. z o. o.

MHS2710 Wireless medical lift scale is a product manufactured since December 2021. The manufacturer chose the Salmed trade fair for the product's official debut on the European market. The Charder MHS2710 starts to work properly only when mounted on a patient lift or upright system. When mounted, it significantly expands its original functions. In this case, the patient's weight is measured "additionally", e.g. when carrying the patient, if the scale is mounted on a dedicated lift. Moreover, the MHS2710 scale is a new generation of lift scales with wireless data transmission capability to the medical institution IT system. The scale also works with a free mobile device application for remote measurement and management of patient results.

Otoskop LuxaScope Auris CCT LED


Innovative otoscope with two colours of lighting 2x4 LEDs - 3000K and 6000K, switchable at one touch of a button. Product advantages: Automatic switch-off of the otoscope after 3 minutes. LED service life: approx. 100,000 hours. Warm white light: comparable to conventional filament bulbs for optimum illumination during otoscopic examination. Spectral composition of light similar to filament bulbs. Cold white light: view more oriented towards details and contrasts, especially in the red light spectrum. The spectral composition of the light allows a more detailed view of the vessels and areas with strong blood circulation due to the increased absorption of light; these spaces virtually "shine," making diagnosis easier. The light of the otoscope is generated by diodes placed on the external part of the optical head, just under the speculum insertion point, which ensures no loss of light transmission to the right place and no restriction of the field of vision. Viewing window with 3-fold magnification and locking function. Pneumatic test port. Two-component handle (aluminium / fibreglass reinforced). Electronic ON / OFF button with light colour change. 20 disposable ear specula in a tube, grey, 10 x 2.5 mm and 10 x 4.0 mm each. Protected by utility patent DE202013104278U1.

ASPEL 308 ABPM v.101 pressure recorder with ASPEL 508 ABPM v.101 software


Thanks to its modern functions, the ASPEL 308 ABPM pressure holter fulfils the requirements of electronic medical records archiving, necessary for computerization of health service, what directly influences on increasing quality and efficiency of medical services. The ASPEL 508 ABPM software allows the user to review and analyse long term blood pressure recordings. With its intuitive functions, the diagnostic software, designed for adult and paediatric patients, facilitates work in clinics, hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist offices.

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