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The medical equipment sector is doing well


he global market for medical equipment is now seeing steady growth. Most importantly, it involves virtually all major suppliers of medical equipment present in Europe, as well as Polish companies. It will be possible to judge the potential of both domestic and foreign market leaders during the 2020 SALMED International Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments.

Brand of “made in Poland” getting stronger

In the light of analyses by the State Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), the market value of medical device manufacturers in Poland is estimated at about USD 2.9 billion. In 2018, the export of medical equipment increased by as much as 18.9% as compared to the previous year and reached the level of EUR 2.2 billion, with a total export average of +7%. Last year, the export of medical equipment constituted 1% of the total export of Polish goods.

According to PAIH, medical equipment “made in Poland” finds more and more recipients abroad. Among the top Polish export products are: orthopaedic devices, electrodiagnostic equipment, medical sterilizers, ophthalmic instruments and devices. In the European Union, the largest recipients of Polish medical devices are Germany, Denmark, France and Great Britain. Outside of the EU, Polish medical equipment is most popular in the United States, Canada and Ukraine.

“The medical equipment sector has a huge growth potential related to the development of information and communication technologies. New technologies increase the capabilities of medical equipment. Intelligent systems, electronic records of medical data and the medical IoT are transforming the foundations of the global medical industry. Experts agree that we can expect a very rapid growth in the telemedicine sector in particular. These trends can be observed at the Salmed trade fair,” says Paulina Pietrzak, director of the SALMED fair organized by the MTP Group.

Promoting the Polish economy based on domestic brands is the main objective of SALMED as well as of the medical equipment industry promotion program implemented by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. This year's September visit was coordinated by the MTP Group. The activities carried out as part of the task are targeted at the promotion of medical equipment as a whole.

Medical inbound missions

One of the elements of the project was to organize an incoming mission of entrepreneurs and journalists from countries defined as promising for the industry of medical equipment manufacturers as well as medical services (such as telemedicine). Among the participants of the mission are entrepreneurs with the potential for networking and purchasing products from the Polish medical equipment industry, as well as journalists representing industry-specific and national publications, television or the largest professional medical portals in a given country. The invited experts represented China, UAE, USA, Singapore and South Africa.

“During their stay in Poland, the participants held business meetings, both with companies interested in exporting to specific markets and representatives of organizations representing the medical industry. As part of the study tours, the guests visited such companies as M2M Team, Poldent and ALVO, carefully learning about their exported products, as well as watching production lines and exemplary operating showrooms. The companies had a unique opportunity to present their offerings, design facilities and modern production lines to prospective buyers, thus encouraging entrepreneurs to establish business cooperation. The journalists taking part in the mission, on the other hand, collected valuable material for later publications on the industry,” said Dorota Walluschch, PAIH mission coordinator on behalf of MTP, commenting about the mission.

Salmed attracts leaders

SALMED is the Poland’s largest medical equipment fair gathering market leaders. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge and to establish contacts between representatives of the world of medicine, business and science. The SALMED fair, organized on a biennial basis, will feature offerings of manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment and instruments, equipment for hospitals, clinics and medical practices, as well as laboratory and rehabilitation equipment.

“Salmed enables representatives of the medical sector not only to promote the company and its brand among professionals, but also to obtain comprehensive information about customer expectations. The exhibition is also an opportunity to demonstrate a strong position on the market. We are currently working hard on the agenda for next year's SALMED fair. We want to ensure that the substantive part of the event, rich in conferences, seminars and meetings with experts, is a strong point amongst the leading national medical events. We know that this is what both exhibitors and professionals who visit SALMED are hoping for. The exhibition will certainly feature the latest developments on the market. Thanks to them, Salmed will be an excellent place to follow the huge technological progress of modern medicine. This is where the motto of the next edition of the fair came from: The heart of medicine beats in Poznań! In March 2020, it will be particularly noticeable,” announced Paulina Pietrzak, director of SALMED.

10,000 m² of gross exhibition space, over 200 exhibitors from Poland and abroad, more than 4,000 participants, 100 new products on the market, 15 complementary medical events - this is how to briefly describe the previous edition of SALMED.

The 2020 SALMED International Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments will be held from 18 to 10 March 2020 at the Poznań International Fair.

The project is sponsored by the key media and industry organisations, including the Polish Hospital Federation, the Polish Association of Private Hospitals, the Healthcare Employers Alliance, the Wielkopolska Medical Chamber (Polska Federacja Szpitali, Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Szpitali Prywatnych, Porozumienie Pracodawców Ochrony Zdrowia, Wielkopolska Izba Lekarska).

For more information go to www.salmed.pl

Source: www.paih.gov.pl