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Medical Startups Zone


A new feature of SALMED 2024 was a special zone for medical startups.

There are many definitions of this concept, but most often a startup is considered an organization looking for a business model with an innovative solution or product. The market of medical startups is one of the most promising sectors for the development of Polish technological thought. Innovative solutions from this sector are successful not only in Poland, but also worldwide. That is why medical institutions that focus on modern technologies consider them highly interesting. For innovative startups, hospitals are a good target market and, above all, a market the is aware that sometimes you need to invest a lot before you can make a profit. 


Observing the Polish market of medical startups, we can see a similar trend as in other countries, i.e. challenges in the development of ‘digital health’. SALMED  introduced such startups in the specially designated area. 



Medical Startups - special exhibition SALMED 2024

IMOGENA Sp. z o.o.

Home Lab

Home Lab is the mobile app, thanks to which patients can order laboratory tests and blood collection at home or at work, at their convenience. The patient receives the result in PDF form in an application on their smartphone.

Saventic Health sp. z o.o.

Saventic Med Platform

Saventic Med Platform is computer software, which is a medical device, providing information supporting the process of early diagnosis of diseases, including rare and ultra-rare diseases, by means of analysis and estimation of data models.

eGabinet Sp. z o.o.


e-Gabinet is a carefully thought-out and designed medical program whose main task is to improve and modernize registration systems. Thanks to it, both the patient and the medical facility gain time.

eGabinet Financial Module

Launch the financial module and take your clinic to a higher level. It improves monitoring of patient payments, streamlines billing processes and allows you to quickly issue a receipt.

OWL IOT Sp. z o.o.

Molecular - a platform for early detection of melanoma

The Molecular platform is designed to support the process of archiving and verifying images of patients' nevi to make melanoma prevention more accessible.

Talkie.ai Sp. z o.o.

AI Voice Assistants

AI Voice Assistants are an efficient solution for managing all calls to and from medical registration without waiting time. They allow simultaneous management of multiple conversations with patients and are integrated with the largest EHR systems.

Automated patient appointment scheduling

Automated patient appointment scheduling achieves an efficiency level of 95%, reducing no-shows to 1%. The bot enables the facility to generate savings, collect patient health information, and provide them with guidelines before the visit.

Talkie Platform

The Talkie platform is an innovative tool providing access to recordings and transcriptions of all conducted conversations. It allows for drawing conclusions from patient inquiries and optimizing the facility's workflow.

IQ Biozoom Sp. z o.o.

Technology for non-invasive home diagnostics

IQ BIOZOOM develops technology for non-invasive home diagnostics, focusing on innovative medical devices for measuring the concentration of biochemical substances in saliva, including: glucose, lactate, cortisol and CRP proteins.

E-Trust Sp. z o.o. 

PANACEA - Oncological Patients Support System

PANACEA is a solution for non-medical problems that patients may face during therapy, which can hinder or prevent their healing process. The system proposes an individual care plan based on the data collected from the patient.

HosPanel - implements the idea of intensive therapy without barriers

A system integrated with HIS that analyzes and presents information, serving to predict and prevent unexpected deterioration of patients who are not continuously monitored. In the mobile version, it also works off-line.

CTMS - Clinical Trial Management System

A comprehensive system supporting the management of clinical research projects and the clinical trials themselves. Having an API interface that allows integration with Regional Digital Medicine Centers.

Merkator Apps Ltd


DyzurApp is an innovative app that is changing the way hospitals organise their schedules. In the face of growing challenges in the healthcare sector, DyzurApp streamlines the planning and time management of medical staff.

GRYDSEN sp. z o.o.

An innovative psychological therapeutic tool using VR

The GRYDSEN therapeutic tool helps to slow down cognitive (memory) and motor impairments characteristic of people over 60 years of age. Clients can be retirement homes, private doctor's offices, psychologists' offices, etc.


Dermatological AI algorithm

A dermatological algorithm is an informational tool based on artificial intelligence, which functions as a search engine for skin diseases, e.g., melanoma (73). Just a photo is enough to receive a result showing compatibility, symptoms, treatment.

Radiological AI algorithm

The radiological algorithm AI for chest X-ray images is an advanced diagnostic tool based on artificial intelligence technology, designed to analyze chest radiographs. It detects 11 alterations, with an effectiveness of 96-99%.

Venereal AI algorithm

A venereal algorithm is an informational tool based on artificial intelligence, which functions as a search engine for skin diseases, e.g., melanoma (73). Just a photo is enough to receive a result showing compatibility, symptoms, treatment.

Reliefy Sp. z o.o.

Reliefy - telemedicine platform

Reliefy is a telemedicine platform that enhances the accuracy of patient health status assessment during remote and/or in-person medical consultations. The increase in precision is achieved through the use of 3D models and artificial intelligence.

TORUN Technologies

Vidian - integrated communication and monitoring system

Communication system designated for medical care units. In difference to the available telecommunication solutions it integrates continuous monitoring with immediate online contact, medical teleconsultations and teleconferencing with family members.


UV CAST - Revolution in orthopedic treatment

UV CAST is an innovative technology that allows precision in stabilizing broken or dislocated limbs. It provides exceptional comfort for patients to wear and enables doctors to achieve perfect treatment results.

Poliwater is state-of-the-art orthopaedic dressing designed

It allows to precisely adapted to the patient's limb. Thanks to its unique design and lightness, Poliwater is a guarantee of effective treatment of fractures and injuries.

Smarter Diagnostics sp. z o.o.


SmarterOrthoMRI is an advanced AI radiology tool, supporting Achilles tendon analysis in MRI. It provides detailed tissue structure assessment, precise geometry measurements, tendon type classification, and asymmetry analysis.

Mobile low-field Magnetic Resonance scanner for orthopedic diagnostics

Low-field (0.3T) MRI scanner for extremity imaging available in the form of a delivery van - for preventive and clinical diagnostics in orthopedics and sports - wherever you need it.

CBM 16 Sp. z o. o.

Avalio - AI software to reduce purchasing costs in medical facilities

Healthtech company that builds AI-powered SaaS solutions that improve how the healthcare industry manages its back-office operations in order to provide better patient care.

Avalio Intelligent Inventory Management for Medical Facilities

Modern inventory management and reduction of staff time. The ability to accurately analyze costs and automate orders. This ensures that the necessary materials are always available and inventory levels under control.


Medby- A platform for purchasing medical products

Medby is a multi-vendor platform dedicated to medical facilities. It is a comprehensive solution that enables effective management of medical orders and supplies. Thanks to Medby, facilities can operate in a group, easily establish.

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